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Italian C++ Conference 2018

23 Giugno, Milano


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Coding Gym

24 Gennaio / Modena

Il nostro appuntamento mensile dedicato alla programmazione, aperto a tutti i linguaggi.


Meetup Serale 

Interagire con il web: libcurl Tutorial

8 Febbraio / Modena

Ospite: Alberto Bignotti


Si inizia alle 20.00, 2h di contenuti tecnici e spazio per le domande.

Pizza e networking a seguire


User Group Program

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C++17 & C++20


  Tecnologie e Prodotti



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ACCU 2018

11-14 Aprile, Bristol


Il meglio del mese su ++it

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C++ Day 2017

At the beginning of December, on the 2nd, the Italian C++ Community hosted the C++ Day 2017 and about 110 people gather together. The drop rate was the lowest I have ever seen: ~8% (120 tickets emitted). This free event was hosted at Centro Culturale Giacomo Alberione, an historical location in the lovely center of Modena. As usual, the event has been organized with no …

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Italian C++ Conference 2017

Last June 17 we had the Italian C++ Conference 2017 in Milan, one of the events totally focused on C++ organized by the Italian C++ Community that I lead and manage. ~230 people signed up for the conference and about 160 attended. We are really disappointed about the drop rate (~30% - higher than usual). Probably, the nationalwide transport strike that happened in Italy the day …

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Singleton revisited

It happens quite often to deal with those annoying objects, used everywhere in your applications. This may be because of a poorly designed application but, sometime, it is simply an inevitable condition. With this in mind and considering that either a design refactoring to remove the global dependence is, sometimes, not affordable because of business needs or not convenient because it leads to …

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Letture e risorse consigliate


Introduction to std::chrono


di Rachel Crawford

C++ Comma Operator Nice usages


di Ivan Sanz-Carasa

Passing overload sets to functions

di Simon Brand


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